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Gucci Mane - Hot Boy lyrics

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Free my nigga Turkey, I now shout out to the hot boyz

Finna pull my roof in my new Bentley, see the star, boy

We straight A with Bentley and the Jeep, I got them hot cars

You say you're hot like Guapa Pablo, tell the truth, you know you're not!

Fuck you on the lane, this how Lil' Scooter got shot

But the shooters, when they training up, they miss a lot of shots

I'm Mr. Show-Off, show it all, cause Gucci got a lot

She list the boss, she stole a lot, a lot of blood was shnot

A hundid pounds, I took that shit, cause I'm king of the crop

That's all my money, hundid shit, I get that shit as ridin', boy

My lil' boy bent my spoiler, man, you know that boy is riddin', boy

I'm from down south SA, I'm country bitch,

But I'm not picking cotton, boy(?)

One rhyme in my Bentley, I'm like motherfucker talk, boy!

Rollie Pollie on my wrist, my man, cause I can't wear no Swatch

I put a hundid 50 thousand for this rogo clock, man

Me and Gochi showing goals, man, we feel that we are hot

Call me big Gucci, big gu-out when I drive my heart out(?)

Call me Gucii, Mishleygh Gucci when I drive my drop top

If you ain't down with Brick Squad nigga you'se a have-not

Nigga we showed out in the parking lot

And we could shoot out the parking lot

Killa a nigga for a parking spot

So said your friend got chopped, chop

I ain't gonna show remorse, when I leave I smoke a whole crop

Mojo thrill light ain't (???)

Boy, we bought the whole lot

Me and Kantja taking money, you know we gon' send Shaft(?)

Drop top, babe! Know nigga ain't gotta be seen, man

Drop top, babe! We burn men, we hurt men,

That big toe like two men, I'm the best, I'm a stuntin' man

Got six laws, on the top, no Hummers, man, these Hundays, man

Free my nigga lovers, that's (???)

They come near roun in a Benz they swim

Now the bitch not wanna give me that cucci

I spend like a motherfucking toosie

That's cause I'm motherfucking toofie

Spend a thousand for every single teeth in my mouth

Bitches say I'm talking too roofless

Biutch, you wait 'til I'm roofless

Last year, ice cream free, love coochy

Now I'm here hit, fat arriba ova coochy

Skate but I'm duffus, making all the movies

My favorite gun is an UZI

Hot boy, he deserve a movie

Shoot his ass in his head

Leave him dead, y'all (???)

Color head

Hot boys, hot boys, hot boy's hot

In my motherfucking spot

Ain't shoot nothing but fucking Glock

And it's not gem, I can bust another cop

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