Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Haterade lyrics

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Uhh yo yo ay yo this one goes out to alluh my critics

don't you feel stupid? look how I did it

look how it came to pass when I said it

we could do debit I don't need no credit

yes I'm epic look how I rep it

it's been 8 years but I broke the record

yup the record yup the record yup the record, just for the record

Uhh I'm all that I can be

and element I'm appalled that you envy

cuz you could do it too

and you could do it too

I just happened to be the girl that they threw it to

so I'mma bounce back

n I'mma ball out

and everytime you see me

I'mma go all out

and I'mma win till it endin'

don't be mad when you see me transendin'


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