Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Gucci Vs. GuWop lyrics

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I'm Ricco Layd in the lady shade

L.A. readin' Babyface

DJ Paul and Juicy J.

Master P with Baby Wade

J Prince, man, I'm Tony Drako

Ragered with Clive Mavin Mapple

Lea Cone and daddy Cone

In court with my jury on

Harry Quarter and Quincy Jones

Where the fuck is coocha on?

Tonight mix with Barry White

Pocket fat of barely white

Cross the skin is dressed in lenin

Island on with different women

Fun be Jay-Z on Big Pimpin'

Come C. watchin' me from heaven

CEO on rizza static

ODB of east Atlanta

Two Skywalkers, they tryna ban me

Cause these squares can't understand me

How I do it when I do it

Jerry Jam, I'm Terri Lewis

Squeezy E, I'm extra ruthless

Sign the check and write the music

Pump it, push it, pump it, push it and produce it

Make you think it's real Gucci

Who the hottest? Me or Gucci?

Who gon' win? Guwop or Gucci?

Fake casings, misplacing movies

Ask me how I feel I'm Gucci

No-one can't beat me but Gucci


It looks like Gucci Mane might be behind bars until 2016

Today, Atlanta rapper pled guilty to a gun possession charge

And according to reports, prosecutors want him in jail until 2016

The maximum sentence that goes along with this charge is 10 years

But with the plea deal copped today, Gucci is only expected to serve 39 months

Gucci has been in jail since September after cops arrested him

In a parking lot with a handgun

A hefty fine of $250,000 also goes along with the sentence

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