Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Gone And Tell Dat lyrics

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50 bird stat

50 purp bags

O u a snitchin nigga(pussy)

Well gone and tell dat(pussy)

My niggas mail dat

I'm bustin out da boxs

I'm workin with da tools

I'm workin with da block

100 birds, heap of pills, n alot of work

I toke da pills, smoke da purp, but I sold da work

Old skool cool but I'm n my new vert

No top, no gurlfriend, no shirt

No friend cause my best friend den turned snitch

Tried snitchin out I'm talkin 2 hit main bitch

5 glocks, 2 pumps n a lot of K's

U fuck around n b da 4th tear on my face

Ball player money cause I make big plays

20 grands, 500 grand eeryday

Catch n da 6

U wanna buy a brick

I pay 16 I'll charge u 26

We don't walk it out(nope)

So icey trap it out(dope)

Bankhead bouncin million 2 my bank account

Check my paper route

I'll take her out

Probably ice her out

But I'm a kill her mouth

See I'm from da Crest n dats n da south

N I been a king

Betta shut yo mouth

I'm your favorite trappa favorite killer

It'z Gucci Mane LaFlare u kno I'm fuckin with ya

N I'm trappin with ya

I'll git it 2 ya

Goon servin, curb servin I'll git it 2 ya

Gotta Mexican, I can work a pan

Say wat u luv Gucci


Rent out a lite mane, go rob a dice game

Go rob da dope mane, n buy a lite mane

Step up yo ice game

Still servin white lame

I'm servin blocks mane

Now servin ya'll mane

Aww dats yo boss mane

U work 4 dat lame

I'm 6 cKars, 10 chains, 12 earring

Still got my Jacob watch but customized my brightlen

How much it cost

It cost AR-15

So Icey Ent. we tatted like a bike gang

No shirt n da club let my chain swang

So Icey Boys n we rockin like a rock band

Gucci Mane save money like a white mane

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