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Gucci Mane - Gas and Mud lyrics

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This low down Gucci, steal you bomb Gucci

remember when I used to drive all that roof

get pack shawty, dirty call shawty

and why they calling amount your brack

and they don't God damn bounce,

I would run to sun valley with a damn thing sign

and I can't lie I try to serve every God damn judge

smoking gas, draking mud but you can get for a while

she's a blind begging bitch so I don't wanna stand bime

if you pow he answers up then I don't wanna drink wish

if you ain't get money I don't wanna languish

I bring the part to the water I can catch you same wish

I had to kick you out the squad you walk the week as lane nigga


Gas gas you know I got the gas

..through it up, check one thousand for a benz

gas gas send it really fast

the benz just came with, it you know the shit it came

mud, mud gotta keep it mud

anger little pint nigga I can show you love

mud, mud you know I run the mud,

I might pull the whole paint 'cause I don't give a fuck

All this mud drink the bush, standing rocking round the club

I'm a drug dealer, real dealer, leave magging for

I have you licking for this nigga I'm the one that shots you droll

and if you really wanna go to war then I don't give a fuck

got em..with the paper tent, ..bad ..full of gas

I just can't hold on all the cash, I can long your mess of swag

and I pull that pistol fat PIMP said got my ass

you said your money ball the..but bitch I could go by your jail

different number 99 this is the year that I would rock that

I wasn't even 20 year, I ..with 20 bricks

out of deal I'm kind of shit, ya'll nigga just full of shit

I just roll to..the thing, tryin to dray the pain away


Don't drag it dirty, walk up really late,

I used to drag up early I like the way it taste

drink all these haters this our love to drag the grace

they catch you with this purse my nigga you might catch a case

Lost..see precaution, on the buzzin I ain't see no lossin

smoke the gas, let em sippin no possin

pull up on and I'ma hear my talking

got a body but it be my charge,

two Ferrari is I got real horses,

new charge and I send it no..

G five touch down on mallin

poppin pill like I have horses

fear school just buy three Porsches

Louie Vuitton but I wear it like..

Burberry in my box..this little V does where my chances

..there's where my heart is

26 is on the..real high, ride in the sky say the..


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