Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Food Plug ft. Berner lyrics

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I got a food plug plug, plug plug plug plug plug x 2

I got a food plug be a cool plug

He from the old school but whatever we can loose ..

He bring the whole truck, he gotta drink ..

So many pose i feel make you feel no

Money power spit got a whole new connect

Aint’ got no chopper new hatin .. i’m bout my chick

Many .. bold the criss but he can’t straight from the ..

Met so much from yesterday i want me ..

See my daddy a truck my brother a hustler

My mama’s a hitch so i can fall in the ..

I get it for .. the shit on my ..

[4 x Hook:]

Hello Mne what the f*ck are hating for

..shit sayin in the ..

What’s you’re having ..second foe..

Bitch i’m cold .. on the skin

My eyes open the ..get it ..

Shit put it on the grip ..

Nigga .. i’m from 90 in the mill

Got no bricks then no houses in Atlanta

Damn how may a bitch more hood than David ..

Let me go bitch so skinny

Over ..don’t lie rich ..

[Hook x4:]

I had a plug on the ..30 times in that mirror

I gotta kill it in Kansas so put a pressure on your head

A put a .. in the chuck fifty pieces that Keisha

Now the .. now the states on my snickers

I’m in the poppin the .. yeah I’m blowing the power

Is the cookie man bitch yeah I’m play of the ..

Hundred whites in my basement

When i get my purp from the ancient

‘cause i made a million in Atlanta now that’s a crazy vacation

Step you game up big 80 willer

I’m a city boy bitch, you need a lung on the ..

Over breaking that mud

Is the plus celebrate ‘cause i’m rich ..


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