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Gucci Mane - Fast Break lyrics

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Fastbreak pass the kush fancin don't look pass slam dunking in my dunk trunk goin stupid ham

I'm da man I'm da man like shawty I'm da man lo told me give it to you so you finna get it man

Gucci mane pulled up in a ashtin parkin lot cause gucci mane was doin da pool palace ice stampede I'm spinnin on dem davins devins white folks thank I'm playin fo da falcans baby got an assy can we do da nasty wilt need three girls two girls not enough for me I'm? richer than your budget be richer than my budget be

I'm richer than his salary

Fastbreak lam pass by dats a fastbreak

Vet pass by dooley truck dats a fastbreak

Avalon pass by chevelle dats a fastbreak

74' osmo shawty dats a fastbreak

Fitty seen shawty hear da water runnin water runin water ring water chain mane I got dem water diamonds colored diamonds yellow diamonds blue diamond red diamond white diamond vvs got a nigga watch shinnin I'm icy I'm icy as a fool I'm so icy betchu knoe I got a tool if u don't knoe den id have to show u extended clip 40 pussy

Nigga I will blow u away

Fastbreak fastbreak v6 I never bought v8 v12 v10 round kit his went farrari click please call a scrologist call em drop my top and I'm lookin at beyonce rollin up dis extesy thinking is reality really is parody but why deese rappers mad at me cause u stupid icy crazy crazy icy I waited till two but now u bet ya brightlen pull up with dha loud pack no it ain't mike and ike wilt chamberlin shit bitch shinnin at the traffic light iiiiicccccyyyyy(wilt)

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