Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Embarrassed lyrics

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Ft. Post Malone, Riff Raff, & Lil B

(Intro: Gucci Mane)

What's happenin'

10:17 shit nigga

One Zero One Seven

Fuck nigga

(Hook x2: Gucci Mane and Post Malone)

Don't be embarrassed baby he'll make ya feel embarrassed (Oooh)

He say i cherish my money but he ain't got nothin' to cherish

Don't be embarrassed baby he'll make ya feel embarrassed

I got on so many carrots yo man should be embarrassed

(Verse: Post Malone)

I said hola, low eyes, I jump, I go here

I'm in too deep still need me some more here

I pulled up hot, drop top some foreign

And me and Gucci Mane came to stunt got sumethin' for ya

Ay, count all my money then I let it all go

And I see that they all on me, they know I got dinero

And everyone checking on me, they wonder where I came from

And I been goin' outrageous eva since I came up

Ay, call my phone, call my phone, I don't know ya

Just stop right now don't get embarrassed

And then I check on the rollie, I ain't got the time

I'm balling out sumethin' stupid, my wrists on thirty thou'


(Verse 2: RiFF RAFF)

I only made 4 million last year

Threw a Rolex on my ankle, just to not be humble

100 day, 100 cities, can't remember no names

Don't ask me no questions, I don't do interviews

40 bands on my right hand, eight grand on my left

Bout to flex at Panda Express, diamond, carets, no marriage

Rubies blushin' out in Paris, diamonds, carets, no marriage

Rubies blushin' out in Paris, I ain't don't Snapchats

I ain't do Snapchats, I don't do behind the scenes

Walkin' straight off the plane, to a tin up limousine

Brick Squad bandannas wrapped around car antennas

Mr Pound student faculty, Mr brick off a balcony



(Interlude: Lil B)

Yeah, everyday man we do this

Gucci wassup mane, free Gucci

Sean King what up

Don't trip man, It's yo boy Lil B man

(Verse 3: Lil B)

Young Based God ain't neva been embarrassed

Yo bitch is so ugly, my bitch is flawless

My bitch from Oaklands, she might be from Richmond

Cal Berkeley Bears, I tackle all my bitches

Top floor, luke hall, waterfall bitch

South Berkeley bitch, rich nigga clique

I think that I'm Drake, I think that I'm Makonnen

Call me filthy rich I got yo main bitch holin'

Young Based God wit the East Atlanta snow and

Based World legend, everybody knowin'

Call me A$AP Rocky, yeah I'm so cocky

Straight west side, tell yo bitch to come watch


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