Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Dumb Fine lyrics

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True shit, new shit, took the bitch to room crib,

Four G out ..big, little some squad, like a blue pit,

..the gangsta selling nigga so two brick,

polys allegations say I whipped them with the..pull shit,

ran wild mental, yeah I had to get the little stick

broke bitch grew up in the hood..

rich nigga bitch s*ck a dick up for rich trip,

talk shit gash lick, bitch 'cause it was..

thick bitch, bitch you got two picks,

finnest gray, but teachers say I'll be just thus..

need this ..your ash nigga, won't you be specific?

blowing sneaky icky like the hippers in the..


I bet bitch, shit is bitch, out of two fine,

But she a broke bitch and I don't fall with those time,

short super dick bitch, shadwty don't fine,

Strange out the duice, but I'm gonna water with the next time,

you think you cute, but bitch you standing in the whip line,

you're screaming who up these your man, but you watch your damn mine,

..GP, yellow diamonds that's PP, stupid kush and it's mush ..,

why can't see me but you hear me.

Diamond in the back, my talk drop back,

ain't your girl looking so hard

that she don't know how to rect

bitch you know how Gucci kick it,

you can pay me with the check,

24-7 I'm a hell on business, bitch you know that I'ma bet,

every time I mack a moon gotta talk to my connect

if that nigga wanna come get, where the letters they get wet,

I pour a foe up, you pour the duice, right up

I like my hoe, they come and do,

I like my cars that locka new,

is like your hoes, you like them use,

thirty dollars for a..or two,

you bust the..all on you.


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