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Gucci Mane - Dope Man lyrics

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Im a Dope Man Dope Man Dope Man Dope Man

Gucci Stay Fresh Like The Dope Man Dope Man

Everybody Hollin At The Dope Man Dope Man

Come And Spend Some Dollas With The Dope Man Dope man

[Verse 1:]

Yea Im The Dope Man Sumthin Like The Bird Man Ridin Outta Town 50 Birds In My Burban Servin Splurgin you Can Say Im Workin

Got Washin Powder I Aint Talkin Bout Detergent

Young Niggas Coppin 9s And 4s Got Me In My Trap House Standin Over The Stove

My Money Long Like Pinocchios Nose Thats Why My Trap Open Early And The Bitch Dont Close...(uh)

Man I Love The Trap And If My Arms Where Big Enough I Would Hug The Trap

Because I Still Do The Dirt Im In The Car Pool Lane Cause Its Me And My Work

I Got A Trick Up My Sleeve got a 5 Gram Plate Quarter Brick Up My Sleeve

Niggaz Call Me The Dope Man The Whole Hood Shoppin Gucci Man Im Tha Dope Man

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]

Im The Dope Man's Dope Man Neva Cut Tha Coke Man Gucci Man la Flair Got Em Smokin Outta Coke Cans

Rubber Bands Extra Grams Gucci Man Yes I Am Can You Cook This Work I Think I Can I Think I Can

First Ya Count Ya Money Get ya Shit Together Man Gucci Mane la Flair Predict Snow Like The Weather Man

Hundred Packs contreceps Chain Doin Jump-In-Jacks traps Coming Back-To-Back Hustlin Where Tha Money At

Nitty On The Track Gucci In The Vocal Booth pawn they Mamas TVs Thats What A Crack Smoker Do She Dance At The Spot The Gurl So Thick

But She Known In The Hood As The Dope Mans Bitch A Hundred Grand A Day I Seen Dat Shit Im Tha Dope Man's Dope Man I Mean That Shit

Uhhh I Dont Rap I Trap Made A Hundred Grand Profit Thats Good Cap

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]

Uh Trap House In The Hood And the Heat Dont Work But The Stove Work Goood Damn I Done Broke A Nail Weighed So Much Coke That I Broke The Scale

Nitty On The Track man The Beat So Wicked Before A Quarter Brick Cant Beat My Tickit Gucci Shades On Cant See My Eyes

Plus I Ride in The Whip That the Dope Man Drive..Uh Gucci Man Not The Snow Man Im Good Right Now you Can Call Me The Dope Man

Gu-Cci you Hot Money Blow My Nose With It So I Call That Snot Money.. Its The Dope Man Baby The Dope Girls See Me And Them Hoes Go Crazy

Gucci Man la Flair Shawty Im That Dude My Wrist Game Rude And Im So Brand New *

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