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Gucci Mane - Dope Deal lyrics

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Female Voice:


Dope deal gone bad (dope deal gone bad)

Drug related homicide (drug related homicide)

Them X pills wasnt real ( them X pills wasnt real)

Dope deal jumped back (dope deal jumped back)

Dope deal gone bad (dope deal gone bad)

Drug related homicide (drug related homicide)

His momma, baby momma cried (his momma, baby momma cried)

Its a drug related homicide (its a drug related homicide)


(Verse 1)

I knew this guy from round the way; back in the day had blocks of Ye.

And he used to have the block on lock; but now that boy jus smokin rocks.

Lets jus call him Jacky Johnny; he'd do anything for money.

Paint yo house a couple hunnin; cut yo grass on every Sunday.

Johnny jus got fronted somethin had no plans on payin up; young boy talk bout K'in up; re--up short aint weighin up.

5,000 (??) Johnny brain on the curb; this shit here to much for words; used to have a hundred birds;

Now he in the bushes, flies on em stankin like a turd.

Im not bein funny, lost his life for such a little work; So if you think of sellin dope, you jus might need go to work;

Or you could end up jus like Johnny, top pushed back like a Vert;



(verse 2)

I used to like this girl, Antiqua; but she never speak to me;

whole partment was tryna freak 'er; you should see her recently.

Used to transport pounds of refer back from Texas twice a week; police pulled her over, she been locked up since 2003.

She coulda been a supermodel, looked like a celebrity; she had so much integrity, but moved so unalterably.

80 pounds of celery; plug screamin dont tell on me.

Take the charge i take care of you; yo boy, yo books, and lawyer too.

'Tiqua thinkin what to do; what would you do if it was you?

Folks keep puttin that pressure on her, told em everything she knew;

Plug went to her sister house, asked big sister was she coo;

Pistol whipped 'er black and blue; beat her, got convicted too.


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