Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Dont Deserve It lyrics

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I walk in with my strap I give a fuck if a nigga searching

Don't keep it in the car I got that pistol on person

You diss Flocka Flame you dissed the fucking wrong person

Run up on Gucci Mane you'll be another dead person

I dump him in the river now the whole city searching

That AK hit his ass and now that nigga need a surgeon

Try me in this club then imma shut it down early

Scene was so sick that the police start hurling

East Atlanta, Zone 60, the niggas so thirsty

Shop with you on Tuesday and rob your ass Thursday

One years old and he already started cursin'

12 years old and he already start servin'


If you ain't getting money then I feel you don't deserve it

You reach for my chain, you'll be another dead person

Big Guwop but they call me Mr. Perfect

Can't look me in my eyes when you see me 'cause you nervous

I'll murk your homeboy and then I'll smoke a pound of purple

You talkin' to the cops, pussy nigga, I know you worthless

Hard top Rolls, smokin' kush behind the curtains

The work just came in, what you wanna purchase?

Red flag in my pocket 'cause the young nigga turfin'

If you ain't gettin' no money then these bitches feel you worthless

Oh you a live wire? Then I'mma make you short circuit

These clown-ass niggas need to go work in a circus

Million dollar nigga but I still eat Church's

You try my in the churches then my boys will start burstin'

He died and his Boosie mama felt he ain't deserve it

Box cutter in my pocket I'll carve your ass up like a turkey

Put that on my squad I ain't gon' let no nigga hurt me

My gun do all my talkin' and I know you niggas heard me

Old school vet like I'm fuckin' James Worthy

But I'm shootin' from the corner like I'm fuckin' Bobby Hurly


Money makin' hits, now it's Money Makin' Wooda

My youngin' 13 like a Third World shooter

In a couple years he'll be takin' over blocks

AK47 got him takin' over spots

The only thing I see in the mirror is me

Before you catch me slippin it's gon' be a first degree

Word around town you a motherfuckin' hater

We fucked the same bitch, the only difference is you paid her

If you ain't getting money you a motherfuckin joke

Reachin for my strap if a nigga going broke

Screamin "adios!" left him bakin' from the toast

One minute here, next minute you a ghost

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