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Gucci Mane - Done With Her lyrics

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I'm done with her, I'm done with her

Oh that your girl the last night I had some fun with her

I'm done with her, I'm done with her

I did some things with her you probably you ain't even done with her.

I'm done with her, I'm done with her

I'ma be the thing from back like I'm the probably sure,

I'm done with her, I'm done with her

She see me poppin' bottles standing on the furniture.

I'm done with her.

She got the line and her friend, he can handle her

she do just like leanin on my counceler,

is she working magic city then I'm dancing er,

Please do you want this old money I'm just asking you,

These niggas ain't get no money, get your dollars up,

I call the squad and they hold a hundred bottles up,

she a bad bitch a pimp, I'm tryin to auction her,

she super fly, so fly than other bitches jacking her

he so lane, he say he don't wanna bother her,

in the neck gangsta trying to get some followers,

you can half a bet my nigga I just borrow her,

she wanna stand next to me guessing the photographers,

she ask me what's my sign bitch I don't know a ..

I was a jet when duck hit another..

Alligator was no sleep as..

And I'ma text me a bitch is tryin to add at her.

It's Gucci.


You've been standing on them couch just twenty bottles up,

You know we take em to the crib and hit the mollies up,

If that's your wife you come and get her 'cause I'm done with her,

If you see the things she's been doing, you'll be done with her

Then I passed her to the homies, they have fun with her,

home run, everybody had a time with her,

she be twiking, we've been skimming all your furniture,

Cristofor reals, back shot, I'ma punisher

My nigga Gucci tell me, she's a hoe bitch,

She drink that other condom, what they call bitch,

Wipped it on your shit, caught it on in the street

icy in the V, hit her front and back, why she is a freak?

Yellow diamonds on my automor, told her I'ma call her more,

blowing money fast like I'm slinging dope and bottle more,

40 bottles, 20 house, thirty cars, hundred O's.


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