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Gucci Mane - Dead Man lyrics

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Call me Gucci Mane when I'm on the stage with you

they call me Jessie James when I hold this down pills

you can call me Gucci due out when I do the song with you

but don't walk up on me hoes, I ain't with the blow no scroll with you

got them young shooters with me baby don't get alone with you

if you ain't get no money nigga what it wrong with you

and I can't tell your own dick must have gone wrong pitch

I take the real to the league with this very long switch

I'll drink .. ain't the cold even this apple juice mixture

if you knew that you would do that I swear you would not kiss

some Nicky boy that's nigga tryin to tell em got fish

if a snitch was without the day I bet this hood was not this..


Use the dead man, playing games with the great

use the dead man, I put that pistol to your head man

Dead man you're playing games with my breath

you hear the red man, fuck around and be a dead man

dead man, dead man, use the dead man

dead man, dead man, use the dead man

dead man, I put that pistol to your head man

dead man I play that pistol to your head man, dead man

Five news, 4 tray 6 A

8 watches, 4 chains 6 rings

pet Forbes don't add the high coast

from coast to coast, I said numbers on the dope

remix to you, you know I can say you both 16-5

prices load the shawty load, when I drive

got my seat leanin low bricks inside

got a stash in the dough always road running

me and Gucci getting money fast yeah keep comign

try to trailer in the morning won't stop jigging

every month I make 4 hundred, I'm a street nigga

I got rich up for Jacky


What was you thinking the bitch you must have been drinking

this top had got me feeling like holy

if I let it ride you're bime what I was thinking

I'm an asshole I do what I'd like too

oh shit this shit made for you to fight to

I don't give a fuck bitch I don't like you

got that fire bitch I might fight you

bitch I am the streets you just look up,

call the bricks is low like I was on bluff

call me the master like soon up

bad boy the re-up no puff

if a nigga pussy I don't pimp mine,

I just keep the distance don't play with my

stay in your place fall out the line,

had the young niggas on me you're here to be fine

you can tell me in the hood what a hood don't go

heard that somebody the hood don't know,

if a nigga turn up to the last this show

money never since so I met don't blow

came gonna the streets just call me sire

all my throw they no one higher,

see your new S no liar,

real street nigga I won't retire.


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