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Gucci Mane - Club Hoppin lyrics

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Started in Magic City ended in Onyx

she fine and she going crazy i'm throwing money

Compound to the Velvet I think I'm Elvis

i always keep green around me like i'm a celtic

come out to The Goldroom i'll be bottle poppin

20 grand all in hundreds I'm going shopping

The Lanes to the Blue Flame bitch i get it poppin

come ride with the Gucci man i take ya club hoppin

Baby come fuck with me girl i'm going clubbin

dirties above they skirties but they ain't scrubbin

bottles they keep you coming cause i've been thuggin

im feeling all on her titties, we kissin cousins

blaze allway to The Libra back to The Cheater

you know the procedure when I be smoking reefer

my money is doing push ups its doing chin ups

i vanish from club Vaquish and went to Pin-ups

my diamonds they shining bright when they in the light

on the life on a Saturday night with a n*gga wife

hundred bottles a hundred blunts cause i am a smoker

good with me i took a fifty and went to Stroker


Work and you know i'm workin you know i'm grindin'

shinin i'm throwing money at King of Diamonds

Phantom I gotta Phantom i think im handsome

bad bitches on my tail we gonna go to Mansion

cold so i bought the Rolls and i got the Lambo

im syruped so i brought the ammo with me to Cameos

and i love on that club Live i just spent a crib

and Miami is my second home so i just bought a crib

got that cream yeah my whole team we about that green

im the man all these womens dreams so we went to Dreams i dont play on that club Play on a friday

Leavin Detox and smokin chronic like Dr. Dre


To the a trap house to the Playhouse im in Los Angeles

in the west coast i waited down south these bitches scandalous

in DC i fuck with Love and i fuck with Stadium

money be doing flips like in a gymnasium

in New York im in Perfections i think im Diddy

a sinner but im a winner in sin city

Adriannas in Chi-town no I go to Factory

this money didn't come quick i stack it up gradually

four ounces off in my soda yeah thats the potion

Houston im on that drank when im up in Motions

pandimonium up in Pandimonium im in Detroit

and i left there and took a priviate jet back to New York.



Thanks to Bagelcutta for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Bagelcutta for correcting these lyrics

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Wednesday 18th of April 2012 17:35
Its cheetah not cheater