Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Close To Me lyrics

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Ft. Waka Flocka


It's Gwop, it's Gwoop

Can't nobody hurt you

The ones close to ya


It's Gucci, legend


I know some killas that'll kill ya

You'll get killed if you get close to me

I did some thangs, so I gotta keep em close to me

(I keep my shit close, man, it's Gwop)


I know some niggas that'll killa if you get close to me

I know some killas and I gotta keep em close to me

If you a snitch then I don't need ya standin' close to me

On my own shooters, so I keep my pistol close to me

Don't force me, nigga, like you saw, the whole world I be smokin' weed

I dunno you, nigga, you dunno me, nigga

So don't come close to me

I had a girl one time, we break up I tell that bitch to leave

I don't need no nigga, I don't need no bitch

Just try to get close to me

Get away, nigga, you standin' too close

Back up a couple feet

I dunno you, nigga, you dunno me, nigga

But you're standin' too close to me

These niggas be hoes, and a friend of mine fold

Cuz he ain't on go fo' me

I luv my friends but gotta keep my enemies close to me

Close call, man, I swear it was a close race

Close catch, girl, I'mma shoot ya in yo damn face

I got so much money, bet that close the damn case

A nigga try me, cold day in hell he get away

I drop a cool 20, make ya neck break

They say that Gucci hot headed, that what the vets say

Realest one, unexpected, that's how my jets play

And on legit, but still unwind, I got ten brick plays

She say I'm close to crazy, that what that bitch say

I say I'm close to very wealthy, like my wrist say

And I'm a multimillionaire, that's what my dick say

Six chains on one, ya came in, I'm doin' my thang Slick Rick way

Ya tryna get close to me, but I don't want no girlfriend

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