Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Cash Shit lyrics

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I got troub’ house, try to check my crack house

I got a lane house, I got stash house

This right list to the jug house

My baby mama move down (she call)

My ex girl kick me out

I still pass brigs out

So six I got my middle finger up

Screaming fuck a hater

I put my money on the motherfucker askeley

And I’m up like a motherfucking elevator

Sixtyies on my charges, she ain’t luck and sky screaper

High hater wave at you have a plug pie

I’mma fly in air nigga since the jules in high

You a lot saying simmy in some lane vibe

Got the numi line jaze and I’m too line

Scope it down in this motherfucker

I’mma wish motherfucker, I won’t will chuker

I won’t do none chups now in forty pound

I’m in the lumy, stone stuck in autograph

Scope up, I’l talking cash shit, I’m talking cash shit

They saying I’m feeling myself

I’m feeling myself , I’m feeling myself , I’m feeling myself bitch

Vash shit, talking cash shit

They say y’m feeling myself, feeling myself

Feeling myself, feeling my self, feeling myself

I’m a mean now, I’mma mean now

And I’mma mean it now

Say I’mma mean it now, goup up, I’mma being nigga, being my friends

Yeah I’m made it with my friends

I’mma mean it my trane

Me and dollar make it nigga Gucci will going in

Me and dollar have cut, me and dollar gran

I walk in you can handel with

Blowing money and I wish

Screaming fuck a friend

Fall and crim and still skin

You won’t like Gucc, fuck your oppinion

A bad bitch is let you rain, play piscute

A forfill low, all day you niggas turning inches

I stick and make it all today, I will wish it

Plug cat pull up she superstitios

I’m talking cash shit, talking cash shit

They say I’m felling myself, feeling myself, I’m feeling myself bitch

Cash shit, talking cash shit

They say I’m feeling myself, I’m feeling myself, I’m feeling myself

I’mma made it now now

I’mma made it now, I’mma made it now

Say I’mma made it now, grow up

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