Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Born With It (Remix) lyrics

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Ft. Soulja Boy & Keyshia Dior


One time fo' the illest, mane

Aye, one time for the realest, nigga

One time for the coldest nigga one seen in the booth, nigga

My nigga Guwop!


Born wid it, born wid it

Yellow bitch, fat ass said she was born wid it

Told 'er scrub my knee like I was born wid it

And that pussy so good I nutted already

(Verse: Keyshia Dior)

She got that juicy booty, she got that wet, wet coochie

She got them double D tittes, ya know her hair game crazy

She, she got that juicy booty, just call me juicy fruit

I put it in his mouth, just watch him chew it boo

Hush my shoes my jimmy true and my glasses too

I got to shout out my white girls, they got fat asses 2

Big, big ole ghetto booty, I know how to twerk it 2

Big ole ghetto booty, make he spend that dope bread

And if he had a job, I take that nigga paycheck

And if ya bitch bad then I'mma take ya bitch from ya

Ya nigga broke?, I got mo' money than ya nigga too

I got a juicy booty, and my pussy juicy too

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2: Gucci Mane)

Twenty chains on, I done made a entrance

Tryin' to rush the stage, should've brought a fence in

Said they seen a brick wit muthafuckin' imprint

Man I ball so hard last night down there I had a injury

Smokin' blunts of cookie in the Bentley

Cookie in the Bentley, cookie in the Bentley

Smoke, smokin' blunts of cookie in the Bentley

Cookie in the Bentley, cookie in the Bentley

(Hook x2)

(Verse 3: Soulja Boy)

Just look at my reign, diamonds in my chain

Me and Guwop pull up, fire flame

These rapper niggas lame

They neva took the rest and took em on a plane

Blowin' Mary Jane

I'm on a private jet, I just got a check

Ridin' round in a Rari, jumped off in a vet

Man the rap game hurtin', heard that its a joke

Pull up in the U-Haul wid two thousand pints

Pourin' up the lean, yeah I'm pourin' up the 'gnac

Shout out to my young nigga, cause all we do is trap

Just me and Guwop, pullin' up in that Jag

If ya niggas get to talkin', put the choppas on they ass

(Hook x2)

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