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Gucci Mane - Black Tee lyrics

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[Chorus: Gucci Mane (Lil Scrappy) 2x]

I rob in my black tee

Hit licks in my black tee

All in ya house searchin for bricks in my black tee (Crank It)

I kill in my black tee

I steal in my black tee

Im real so I gotta keep it trill in my black tee (O-kay-kay-kay)

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]

You can catch me all in a nigga house wit a black tee

Gucci Mane, lil flair got a million dollar mouthpiece

Black Tee, black rag, even got a black mask

Leavin out ya house, thirty pounds in my book bag

Black 'lac, black tag, fin' to hit a lick again

You a head bussa put yo hand wit yo fist den

Franchise hate me, probly wanna kill me

Remixed it wit Scrappy and now the hood feel me

Fresh on the scene wit the all black shirt

Gucci so gutta he'll steal money out ya purse

Lay up in ya yard, rob ya when ya go to church

Ya love white tees now ya face on the shirt

Black tee, black beat, trappin on the front street

Got a black pistol grip pump on the front seat

Black tee, O.G., nigga don't approach me

Bubble gum rappin ass niggaz can't smoke me

[Verse 2: Bun B]

It's Bun B in his black tee & G in his black tee

Reppin UGK and BAT in his black tee

Pimp in his black tee, mack in his black tee

Free Pimp C on the back of his black tee

Gucci chain swangin on the front of his black tee

Cadillac swangin, smokin blunts in his black tee

Stunt in his black tee, Ball in his black tee

It ain jus me pimpin we all got a black tee

[Verse 3: Young Jeezy]

And I got a 1-2 Bun

Got 36 O's for the 2-1

Jeezy bout them green guys

Got H-town goin for the ten or fives

Im talkin cornflakes

Got inner tubes wrapped in black duck tape

Say it again dawg to make sure that ya heard me

Got my four-x black tee up under my jersey


[Verse 4: Killer Mike]

I got the all black Chevy on all black rims

Keep a small black gat in my all black Tims

On the all-black leather there's a all-black mack

Tryin to snatch get ya black ass blowed the fuck back

44 to ya torso 4 in ya hat

Kick doja to ya house n put it to a cataract

Gorillas wit banana clips goin monkey in the back

They'll put yo ass in that black box, laid out flat

[Verse 5: Jody Breeze]

Look I slang in my white but I bang in my black tee

Gucci on the front, Jody Breeze on the back street

Chillin by a black Cadillac on sum black feet

Scrappy in a Chevy watchin Scarface on the flat screen

Told yall constantly, ride wit the pump wit me

Yup in my black tee, wit the nine underneath

I aint gotta keep tellin yall niggaz ima G

Ima just cock back and leave sum blood on ya teeth


[Verse 6: 4-Tre]

Im s-stainless in my black tee

Remainin in my black tee

On the grind cause I like to shine in my black tee

Diamond glistenin cross plus the background is a black tee

Thieve then come back sprayin rounds in my black tee

4-Tre, I want war in my black tee

Fuck them, probly neva wore a black tee

Workin in my black tee, smokin purple in my black tee

Im lookin for twelve all out yo curtain in my black tee

[Verse 7: Lil Scrappy]

Fuck a white tee, I got my black tee and vest on

Fuck a sturdy shot, I'm goin straight for the bread home

I don't know why yall niggaz dropped move b

Cause now Raheem'll show ya punk ass a tree

Bust nuts in my black tee, sluts in my black tee

Now I'm smokin nothin but blunts in my black tee

Saw me in Valve then tried to fight me

Jus the same monkey shawty don't take me lightly


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