Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Bitter lyrics

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Ft. Young Thug & Yung Gleesh


Fresh outta locker, you bitter

Put it on your charge, you bitter

Face bitter on yo crystals

They bitter cuz I brought my pistols

One hitter quarter big whipper

None the better, face bitch, you bitter

Bout to hit her with the big gold pistols

When the lean so dark you bitter

Got a bitch that I can't get rid of

When she text me, it makes me better

What don't kill you makes you better

Are you muggin', you bitter

You tryna cheek, you bezel

Not gon' spazz you, I'm betta

If you get love, then show love

__________(?) 's gon' get better

(Verse: Young Thug)

Ain't got nothin', heffe, big dipper

Errtime we hit that plug they follow us with 'em fireworks like _____(?)

Leave a pussy nigga in the swamp just like izzle

Chase ya down like you killed my sister, no mystical

Bet' they stick a lean in they' head just like TI

Got so much weight like I'm in NY, no Eli

No spanned it, nor demand it

Yo hoe gon' go for it, like Tom Ford, we bandage it

Ok, I got it! Yo favorite round me right now

I'm puttin' on a show, I'll put it in right now

I got so many bands around me right now

And nobody wanna rob us, hahahah


(Verse 2: Yung Gleesh)

Bitch, AC gon' let me fall, you'd betta

Ten dollars are betta, get yo no face bitter

Around on my side of town, errone leave ya bitter

Extended clip with 30s always do it better

Say I came up and there go the situation

Watch the blunts drop off the top right by the station

Half a _______(?), I'm body weighin'

Four piece combo, ___________(?)

Bitches with the big ass get conversations

Bitches with the low ass, might just leave 'em bitter

Told me had to step it up and get it bigger

Gotta get the dope, boy, get yo grind up quicker


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