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Gucci Mane - Bankroll lyrics

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Got a pocket full of hundreds and a closet full of clothes

With the phone full of hoes and they trippin’ they yellin’

Some pollin and they throw with some chatter by the dough

When some killer nigga standin’ by the kitchen

And now my niggas gotta bankroll, bankroll, bankroll on em

Bankroll, bankroll, bankroll on em

Will bankroll, bankroll, bankroll on em

I can’t go nowhere without that bankroll on it.

I can’t got your hoe in this dope you know my ..

A little short head chopper under my deep coat

so holly hoes won’t stop the guap, with the cops can’t stop

I drop my iPhone crazy then my chop attracting,

And I spit my money faster, I got on seven diamond rings like your pastor

I was rhyming I wear bricks in my truck man,

Sign year dead John, drop the chop man

Huh I was in the counter plan so bottle bought man

I won’t .. get the front I get em down

Selling the gram after gram never credit cars cash,

Want some credit lot of nigga whole your debit card man,

get some pussy ass some mouse so I call the bitch pal,

since some saving now my money you should call me on ..

I’ve been serving nigga diamonds since the very young man

Got a stash bag with some money , gun in my damn vein


Fortune .. straight ain’t I’m on the high speed chase

Two hundred on the inner state ‘cause I can’t catch no case

Try to hit a Gucci land but he won’t pick up the phone,

Thinking like L chopper we can’t lose no laws

I love to stack my money up I can’t stand bank rose,

36 ounces in the brick I have more

That’s a forty ounce brick you get it for 24

Old school light magic I no look pass dope,

I drop a brick just like puffin loaded droppin ..TO

I ain’t never seen a drop bricks jump out the floor

Old school DTL Bricks stop in the dope

And I don’t stop that red lights everything is a goal


I’m a mother*cking stoner, I put that shit on my mama

Got my pills with me now you try me bitch I’m a ..

You ain’t no ballshit pussy boy, he’s a motherfucking runner

For the jewel to judge the prosecution, the hand you’re on my ..

I can make cocaine, vacay straight to Colombia,

Cattle in station waggin’ four G upon them

Got a man, got a man, got a man, got a man

Man what you wanna span, I’m ridin’ with that F

From the birth with the young niggas, they got hots in man,

I’m in the streets p**sy niggas no such thing is fans,

I might pull up all blow with your block and your whole pot

drop a foe up would you wanna cock

You know lots she’s gonna pop.


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