Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Back lyrics

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let's go Gucci


i don't wanna put your ..back

homie he say he want his girl back

in the drop top i'ma push the top back

i was gone for a second but the kid back

if you ever cross me i'ma get some pay back

close the curtains on them haters in my main back

put a hoe in your mother fucker snap back

is Gucci Mane bitch so you can save the trap back

I'm back..this back on

i'm back.. i'm back home

me and Flocka Belly and ..Kid

he got a 9 i got a C

i do it huge we do it big

got hundred bricks

200 P's stuckin in the

i'm a..bitch i gotta have it

..i can trip a lot

..because a cover mill is not enough

..i zip it us, serve it..i hustle hard

got your..she don't it


making money is my holly my passion homie girl in a ..

if you second i'm just asking

i ain't mean to be rude

but you know i'm that dude

going in like a ..with a lot of grind i'a ..

my top..the same trial

we sinnin..the curtain

we probably got the same grind

i'm a OG like my ..i'm a hustler like my mama

i'ma strap my i can bole up

got more choppers on summer

more presidential Obama

got the bar here..

drop here i'am count 'cause i stand down



is Gucci Mane bitch

so you can save the trap track

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