Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - Ass Everywhere lyrics

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Ft. Verse Simmonds

(Hook: Verse Simmonds)

I need a ghetto girl, lil big ole ghetto booty

Every time I come around she tryna give it to me

Every time she turn around it's like a fuckin' movie

Every time she took it down I wanna fight her in nude

And she throwin' that Ass Everywhere

For this mornin', she throwin' it fo' the street

She throwin' that on the screen

She throwin' that ass everywhere

Get it on the floor, she throwin' that

Bust it like a pro

She throwin' that ain't nun' wrong

(Verse: Gucci Mane)

I'm smoking on that super gas you might not want to smoke with me

Sellin dope my niggas rob you don’t 'ven wanna buy dope for me

Not lil Flip but Im sucker free

Not little Tip but they crown me king

Everywhere beam, you in my team

Scrap on the lamp like I'm just rapping

Dirty blouse shutter, I make a nigga run

Like a nigga just soft core, you would say teen

She gettin' that ass like guy that was

That's what she's given tryna fuck with my boys

Passion like killa in those car wheel

With dis so mild gotta take her with the Lord

Song is a sword and I know that it's a sword

That's why I'm right here shootin' up yo chord

Nigga caught a plug when I pull up in the void

Pull up in the Charger lookin' no charge

100.000 dollas, got 'em take it to the park

Nigga servin' up, sentence die so hard

Eight ball molly, I'm hard from the start

24/7 I'mma keep me a ward

Credit card finance, ball but the bitch go hard ass

And I ran on the bars

(Hook: Verse Simmonds)

(Verse 2: Verse Simmonds)

Aw, yeah, yeah I think she like me

Ass is high up like a mountain

I ain't scared, no, I'm gon' hype it

Girl, I fuck with you

That pussy bittin', bite it back

I bet you like it

Call me nasty but you like it

You got the work, baby, I got the boost

Hop out the shower then hop in the booth

Tell 'em niggas to chill when I pull up on you

Single the beat but I'm ready to shook it

(Hook: Verse Simmonds)

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