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Gucci Mane - 5 star chick remix feat. trina and nicki manij lyrics

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Ay you kno I'm lookin 4 a 5 star bitch talkin bout (bur)

I'm talkin home girl be lookin like she jus stepped out a magazine

I'm talkin niggaz I'm gon be somethin serious

(Gucci Mane)

Gotti here go twelve bars

Gucci mane got 9 cars

We dnt call em dimes no more

09' we call em 5 stars

I'm a 5 star nigga, dis a 5 star clique

Dats a 645, dis dat new m6

Pay ha bills get ha hair fixed

Might even pay ha rent

And da way she give it to me

Best money I eva spent

I can't even lie (why)

I'm so supa high (high)

Do not need her, will not keep her

Unless she is fly

Gucci manes a thug b, ya man is a scrub see

She loves me now, she loves you not

Yea all me bitches love me

And if you in atlanta

Look up gucci gurl and beep me

And we cand find a 5 star hotel you can meet me


Dats a 5 star chick (3x)

Man dats a 5 star chick, if yo credit score high

Feet and nails stay fly, keep ya juice box wet

Nd ya head sum'n fine

You a five star chick (4x)

I want a five star chick

I need a 5 star chick

I need a 5 star chick

I want a five star chick

(Yo Gotti)

It's ya boy yo gotti, I do grade A shit

I'm da realist nigga walkin

And dis da remix, and still I'm out here lookin

4 a 5 star chick

When I catch ha, ima bless ha

Wit a 5 star kiss

She a natural born hustla

She aint chasin no suckas

On a mission for a real nigga

She aint neva fucked a busta

So ya cars nd ya jewlery dat she really dnt excite

And all dem hatin ass hoes in da club wanna fite ha

She was born in da "A", went to school in DC

Gotta job in Dallas Texas, then moved to tennessee

If you aint a 5 star, need to go ahead and face it

Fake gucci fake louie, shawty dat'll make you basic


Dat aint a 5 star chick

It aint a 5 star chick (3x)


See I'm a 5 star bitch

Cause I aint dat otha bitch

She been stugglin for hers

From da womb I been rich

I aint gotta talk about da money and da shoe game

All you gotta do is Google trina

See da proof name?

Cause aint nun of dese hoes, doin shows in the recession

Dey cards get declined, now dey sufferin a depression

While I'm spendin mills, signin all kinda deals

I'm a 5 star bitch, eating 5 star meals

My whole life style like comin to America

All my Louie luggage

You see my bag? how I carry her

Walkin through the airport

Like I'm in a parade on my hologram

Loggin on to e-Trade


Dats a 5 star chick (4x)

If yo credit score high, feet and nails stay fly

Keep ya juice box wet, nd ya head sum'n fine

You a five star chick (4x)

I want a five star chick

I need a 5 star chick

I need a 5 star chick

I want a five star chick

(Nicki Minaj)

I just had a epiphany, I need to go to Tiffany's

Fendi on my slippers, and my cookies always slippery

I don't need help, I pay da bills on time

So I be yellin fuck em, wit a dildo

5 little mama, you a 3 star

I aint sleepin when I say I'm in my dream car

Oh did I stutta, Harajuku hyphen,


I'm hot I think it's time to put the rice in

I was in the chair, I was gluing my weave in

When you hit the stage

They was booin and leavin

Young money red flag, no more auditions

Ask Lil Wayne who da 5 star bitch is!


Dats a 5 star chick (3x)

Now dats a 5 star chick

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