Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - 2010 freestyle lyrics

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I dont do tha push up I do tha kush up im booked up look up gucci over book me shawdy go stupid dimonds look cupid red dimonds shawdy flauges over do it supersized watch nigga check out da bezzle its gucci mane laflare im ahead of tha schedule im pure jay shawdy g-5 shawdy im red monkey's shawdy no levis im so high om so fly im DUI and i dont no why I drive but im suacide my doors go up like a lame it gucci mane lafflare call me capain sam(gucci) froot loop im 2 can sam(frooty)gucci mane i gives no dam cuz im fly as fuck and im so dro'ed up and im so kush'ed up and i sip dat lean and I smoke dat green do u no what i mean I dont snault no white but i sell dat shitt

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