Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane - 2 Timez lyrics

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Okay, its Wiz Khalifa, Gucci, Drama and Mary Jane

Hit a few times, cause I'm two timez, Gucci two timez

[Gucci Mane]

I'm mister make a style think we make a tear

Last night was a blur atleast I wore fur

I pull up in the rear engine in the rear

By then end of the night was pullin on her hair

I really don't care the games unfair

Gucci man the pro q don't care bout niggas over there

Shorty got a pair apple with a cap

I think we make a pet she like I'm from the trap

I got her in the chair she think she in the lair

The way she switch them gills got her take em off the heels

I'm mister take you there take your underwear

You're fucken with a boss no need to fuck with a square

[Chorus x3]

I light the weed up then hit it two timez

Smoke is so good I hit it a few timez

If I hit it once I hit it two timez

If I did it once I can do it two timez

[Wiz Khalifa]

Got a joint burnin here real slow

Wanna slide to my crib lets go

Ill show you my double balcony

Put your head on my lap

Right before you start to make out with me

Crib in L.A I flew her to the south with me

You niggas wanna be players

well I can show you how to be

I got my salary and now all the bitches say hi to me

I'm smoking out on these niggas they trying to be as high as me

Another casualty I kill ever beat I'm smoking on cellery

Only fuck with em papers the gang taylors on every feet

I don't fuck with them haters cause niggas hate but we never speak

Your bitch want me to savor you better tame her or get a leash, motherfucker

[Chorus x3]

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