Gregorian - The Gift

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Forgive is a word I am learning

If only to pass the time

I love you for all your weakness

I love you for all your lies

Will you grow

Will you understand

The damage you caused in time

The past is behind we are facing

A punishment for the crime

The gift you gave me

Our sweet encounter

Became so fragile and flew with the night

I will be witness

I will not falter

Till we are risen again to the light

Would you forgive me

My heart was broken

But I will mend I will be as before

Just give me one chance

To make it better

Uhh let me be yours

Without you I'm weak and I'm listless

Without you I find I'm blind

I watch you alone, are you dreaming

Of happines left behind

Do you drift in your heart at night

Walk through the rooms of your mind

Open the door I'll be waiting

Remember this is your life


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