Grayskul - Prom Quiz

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[Chorus: x2]

I'm Reason

I'm Recluse

He's Phantom

We're coming

Background vocals:

She grew up too fast

Now she's a star

[Verse 1: Reason]

Her American Express card says Gothika

Wears some black lipstick on certain occasions

Take first place in a pageant like Jean Benet

Be found in the basement dead the next day

Choke her best friend with a Jawbreaker perhaps

A valedictorian shot gunning the Pabst

Take muscle relaxers so she can relax

Be a prom queen with a set of veins black


[Verse 2: Recluse]

I can't imagine a better place for Debbie

Sleeping at her wake so peacefully

Act twice her age relate with sex and amphetamines

Live the glamour life be treated like a beauty queen

Consume the world all at once just like she always dreamed

See the pyramids, experience ecstasy

Become a piece of meat inferior to Hennessey

Sell her body for money whenever hungry and cold

Take it all back to fifteen before she lost control


[Verse 3: Reason]

Little Miss Muffet

Get some implants cause natural won't cut it

Change her name to Wonderwoman, companion to me

Continue the drugs, mix the coke with the speed

Sleep with the teacher if it helps her get an A

Sleep with the preacher after confession forgave

Move to Hollywood the day after her graduation

Never be a virgin again out of frustration


[Verse 4: Recluse]

She wants a house on the hill with a spectacular view

An ounce of some pills and a bunny tattoo

Appeal to the masses, a Hollywood actress

A face made of plastic and voluptuous assets

Flirt with disease I'm concerned with HIV

Keep health and hygiene a secret from you and me

See her name and life behind a scene of fiends

She wants to be famous overnight but this her eulogy


[Verse 5: Reason]

Raggedy Ann

Give a disease to everybody that's her plan

Make up some stories to start gossip

Make up her face with the best makeup

Be the only women who really lived her life

Be the spokesperson for teenage suicide


Beat herself up a bloody mess of molecules

Deal with the stress resolve the rest with sharp tools

Escape this place of all the misery and sorrow

Confront death, abandon the world and see tomorrow

Blame the world before she leaves to save face

Unaware that the life between the wait suffers the same face


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