Grayskul - Not Going Anywhere

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We control the grid

Because we haven’t got a clue

Do what we did so rip

Me and ninja face with this AR drop

We best skilled we sail

We drop the ball like Kanye and 50

We called the wild we calm we eat

We ball we stroke no pity

No mercy will make you say uncle like cheddar

Twist and turn like a game of quidditch with an animal

We lost you but we to you back by gradually holding us

Craps…running the laps comparing maybes

Craps doing this what is needed to complete this

Feel that most music be fucking leaving

Post it all scared of crows little rhyming

No matter how much we gain out the change

Show a pity little get it

Yeah I figured out a style on them

Stimulate m killer flow

These ghost that mean they by gone

Motel some legion watching allegiance of the grow

Commit a murder to a crow

That’s …from the zenith I perspective filled it

So respect start to choke on them

On roads to decompose

The face feeders stereo receive the creatures

With a pocket full of E

I rose from this it’s clear

My daddy has like camino

Like it seems to keep you up between

A corner full of order told a solider build the reaper

Not even when I burn it to your face

Post it up to killer crows little Bobby

No matter how much we gain out the change

Show a pity little get it

Misfortune the fools what falls form the drain

Dissolves in the zain plus awkward spreaders

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