GRANDMASTER FLASH - U Know What Time It Is lyrics

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(music: j.saddler lyrics: l.dukes, g.williams - from the grandmaster flash album ba-dop-boom-bang elektra '87)<br><br>Just get off the wall, let's have a ball<br>The 70's are gone, it's the 80's y'all<br>Grab a fly girl by the hand and ask her to dance<br>C'mon fellas don't be shy, just take a chance<br>You'll never know it might lead to romance<br>Cause the beat is cold stompin', it'll put you in a trance<br>You're so hypnotized that you stop and stare<br>I'm steppin out of this cuase I'm not with that there!<br>Get on the dancefloor c'mon take a stand<br>All the girlies in the place wanna dance with you my man<br>Get on the floor and work it out if you can<br>Here's my ulterior motive, I mean my game plan<br>It doesn't hurt to flirt, just go ahead and chase the skirt<br>You can't help it, it's your line of work<br>To get women on the floor<br>It's you they adore, you might as well<br><br>Chorus:<br>You know what time it is<br><br>Hang on party people cause here we go<br>We're gonna cold take the party to another plateau<br>But in order for us to achieve a new height<br>We wanna hear flash cut the beat up, ain't that right<br>While flash is choppin the mix like an ax on wood<br>You gotta dance cuase the beat is finger lickin good<br>Throw your hands above your head and reach for a cloud<br>And if there's anything you want to say, say it loud<br>I know the bass is pumpin' so hard the lights are dim<br>And y'all are lettin me know we're cold blowin the rim<br>That's right , you're being served, served with a smile<br>And homeboy you don't like it, we can step in the aisle<br>Just show no shame, you know it's only right<br>And if there's anything you want to get off, get it off tonight<br><br>Chorus<br><br>A simple puch of the fade, a little flex of the wrist<br>Flash whoopin the mix while I'm kickin the gift<br>Yo like a double edge razor, the boy is nice<br>When he cuts, give him room, or you might get sliced<br>He's too cold to hold, to hot to be stopped<br>This jam that we got is good to the last drop<br>Weather you like it or not, we rock<br>Yo since the day we emerged, have you heard<br>That it was all about a party and yo' this is word<br>This party's rated ns for no suckers allowed<br>That's the scoop, hear me troop<br>So don't you come here actin' wild<br>But as you know there's always one in the crowd<br>You wanna party, then act like you know, can you dig it<br>And if you came to get ill, forget it, I ain't with it<br><br>Chorus

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