Grande Marshall

Grande Marshall - Lupin III lyrics

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I got to hid that one stash

Mixing blind ash

If you hear it, that you're quitting once that killer comes past

Grinding through these city lights...

Midnight club, two type, feel it on a tripple black, tits on it

...Cooped up in the coop, yeah, it's a couple hood in her

and the ball makes moves, smoothing and Lupin the 3rd

The word around town is that I'm blooming,

I don't fuck with bitch niggas

No... than my crew, man

Cutting off the loose ends,

Let them rookie start groping and my niggas start recruiting

So Shawty, as you're choosing,

put your number in my phone so I never run alone

I got a Shawty I can call.

And girl, I ain't a player

I ain't never played shit

I'm just doing faces and hit it on your favorite places

As far as track record goes, first...

And I noticed that you noticed I'm a lady killer

Glad you noticed!

..get them like Bernard Muller

Go, go when I go...

Send that polo to the graveyard

You're trying to find men.. get some fine...

Rapper lying, critics crying saying that they ain't try it

Trying to get in this game, stand your... definitely on the move about the..

You bet with that bullshit that two or three to thirty five

My shit classic like 95, compresses with HIV

Toss these Shawties by... or for the niggers fake IDs

Some of my niggers is so cheese

Some players... on my doors got them mug and made them figures

Momma birthed a hustler, pass on me the game

OGs respect my crack, and I don't recognize the lames

And the grand schema thing,

fuck these niggas, fuck these hoes, fuck your swag, your...

Fuck your trees, fuck your clothes!

Lupin the 3rd!

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