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Grande Marshall - Ellie Fox lyrics

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Leather in the summer, silk in the winter

This is such an art where do I begin

You know my M-O one hunna, trill real whatever yeah son done it

why them other niggas frontin'

break you off with the illest its nothing

I care less what they talking and double for what you hear

Through the grape vine pipe line even if they air

get the champagne cold and the barrels hot

kept it real like that night at your grand mamas spot

G type shit like matchin phat farm jackets

oh you had the baby phat fur hood gold panther

one night romances, a couple pole dances [my fault]

pardon my bad I was only gettin head

so why you have a heart attack

you say you hate me sometimes like you bad hated joey..

stop playin girl you know me acting like you don't owe me

it ain't gotta go nowhere we can be homies

let me get the head bitch suck my fucking dick bitch

word around town that you good with them big lips

heard from my dawg that that ass was a top hit

young Grande let me violate that

said it tickled up your spine when I hit it from the back

its the realest foe show oh yes

you a kid make me turn around while you gettin undressed

let me get a quick peak while you putting shows back on

you should know I really think your body is beautiful

don't let that talent go waste make it useful

and you can use it all on me

4 x Hook:

Champagne drops on her lips

Red finger nails with the almond tips

she lives in my lap, she dies in my arms

she's stays through the night and leaves with the dawn

I'm talking his and hers G wagons

penthouse his and her sinks in the bathroom

Chanel black on my latest drop benz

and I thought that like Pac screamin "fuck the cops"

she like her red roses black

she something good and something bad

tattoo on her face she do

gangsta pretty ratchet too

Mercy mercy me, mercy me

heard of mami, sipping on the Hennessy

feel too cool for this party

say where you goin', where you goin'

where you goin', to powder your nose

fucking around with these messy hoes

came back with powder all over your clothes

One shot to the heavens for this hell of the bitch

angel wing tattoos and a devilish click

I ain't tryin to sow seeds but I'm tryin to plant in your garden

that soul bush you got be gettin my dick the hardest

bitch you fine as hell a nigga gotta stress it

find as hell all of respectin a bitch to be disrespectful

wake you in the morning to a [?]

on Pandora Gladys Knight and the Pips can you dig this

sweeter than mucho mango love your steps in a tango

bingo bango bongo and finish as we can tango

put a smile up on your face and get your hands down on your ankles

roll my tongue [?] and they say that this love was fatal

snakes love a young nigga, you seen the jungle book

there's a reason menage a trois and that [?]

puttin x's on your o's, I had [?] on my hos

tryin to watch my words you should watch for the hook

4 x Hook

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