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Grande Marshall - Dearly Beloved lyrics

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And the great schema thing is what you know

We are what you worth, where you gone?

When it is what it will be (what it will be?)

what it would be , what it could be (what it could be)

What are the dreams, what it should be

Caught up in the glamor and the glory

Heaven and hell on Earth, we're living in predatory...

Only difference is we're getting richer

Generational gaps still kept the chains on us niggers

Faithful to the end..

..let me take you to church

Uh, caught the Holly Ghost riding this

Feel it in my spirit, only ghosts are riding this

See the rapper hit the block for me phenomenon anomaly,

potentially divine prophecy, come on rock with me!

I had that shit that makes a little two step in the..

Two years ago had that two step rapping in the kitchen..

Mixing... flipping...

Sniffing something about these riches

Can't believe I lived this

But as long as I don'go to college they'll tell me I'm a statistic

These niggas say it's more than music

Trust me, I don't hear!

What's behind that beat, what's behind that voice,

nigger what's behind them lyrics? was more like Big Brother

Dearly beloved, fuck!

Fuck it, I can't fuck with this fuck shit

That's why I roll and choose... a few that I fuck with

Couple bitches I miss, but they'll never be my misses

Always disintentioned with those that are good intentioned

Mispronouncing names, beauty at a Grammy game

Cons, drugs, sex, fashion, these are the finest things

This is the test of a king who passed walking to greatness

Realize dreams were passed, no more related

Dedication, fragrance...

The better this shit got, the worst became to hating

Dearly beloved, dearly beloved, dearly beloved, dearly beloved

What it be like, what it be like, what it be like?

When it all falls down, when it all falls down, when it all falls (down)!

When it all falls down, when it all falls down, when it all falls (down)!

When it all falls down, when it all falls down, when it all falls (down)!

Dearly beloved, dearly beloved

Dearly beloved, dearly beloved

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