Gourds - Maria

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Oh Maria hands it out

she comes from Guatamala

she helps me get around

she helps when I'm in trouble

when the ice cream hit the ground

The Federales they were a'coming

she had made arrangements with a vendor

the stupid gringo - he got away

Now if I had a $100's

and maracas in my hand

I'd shake them for Maria

I'd pressure her old man

to let me take her back to Texas

In the white pickup truck

where she had done a dozen favors

to get me out of dutch


Now we never spank the children

and the house is pretty small

and I never learned the language

of old Guatamal

but there are frijoles when I'm hungry

and I drink tequila when I'm dry

and the coffee is oh so good

and Maria hands it out


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