Gourds - I Want It So Bad

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(Kevin Russell)

The first time I gazed upon that glorious thing It made we wanna dance and

Delightfully sing

I Whirled and twirled and laughed til I cried, I was so ecstatic until I


It was not mine nor would it ever be.

Then a storm of emotion swept over me

My heart was broken, my hands were tied, my one desire had been denied

Maybe it's a dream, maybe it's a thing, maybe it's something that you've

Never seen

Maybe it's happiness, maybe it's love or maybe yer waiting for something to

Come from above

Maybe it makes you feel like you never succeed, maybe it makes you feel

Like you never get what you need.

It's a feeling that comes from within, it's universal between women and men

We just wanna be loved, we just wanna be whole, we just wanna get back what

We feel like was stole from us as a child when we got schooled.

Man that wasn't fair, that wasn't cool

There ain't no rule, there at no law that says we ever get what we want at


We all know life ain't fair but we forget it when desire becomes despair

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