Gourds - Everybody's Missing the Sun

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[G] Workin' inside all [Am] day

Make no money, go out and [G] play

Get drunk and pick a [Am] fight

Sin works best in the [G] night


Everybody's missing the [Am] sun

Everybody's sleeping through the after [G] noon

How can you have any [Am] fun

When everybody's missing the [G] sun


[Em] Darkness [G] feeds you, [Em] sin mis [G] leads you

[Em] Buy your [G] self some [D7] fun

[Em] Swallow your [G] pride and [Em] sleep 'til [G] sunset

[Am] Everybody's missing the [G] sun

Oh, [Am] everybody's missing the [G] sun

Pretty girls loose in the night

They bring you down, they feel alright

I like to love in the sun

Cause when they glow, you really know



Out all night, she wants you longer

How late can you run

It's sad for me to see, oh

Everybody missing the sun

Oh, everybody's missing the sun

Chorus x 3

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