Gothic Knights

Gothic Knights - Keeper Of The Gate

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The starlit sky

Was blackened by the light of the moon

An ancient time

When creatures roamed the dark hours

Dragons ruled the skies

Serpents filled the seas

Witches and warlocks

Planted evil seeds

He is trapped behind the gates of eternity

Falling through dimensions that no one can plainly see

Though he cannot die, he will surely fight

The keeper of the gate of eternity

His name is Merlin

Wizard, Magician

He is the keeper of what's behind the gate

Keeper of the Gate

Keeper of the Gate

He will keep the world safe, crushing satan's head

Fight unholy angels that rage from the sky

Though he has the power to destroy the beast

The gate will soon be opened and he will be released

Only he knows the secret combination

Alignment of the stars

Only he knows the magic incantation

To release the unholy one

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