GOSPEL GANGSTAS - Y Can't Da Homies Hear Me?

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DMG remix

O Double G's back out

[Mr. Solo]

my dog concocked the blues

it was just last Friday they told me about the news

I swings my feet up out my bed into my house shoes

its Saturday morning, no yawnin, strictly mournin

I do's my high jeans on, my dickies, I hear a hornin

its my homie Chill, he comes to scoop me in the plush rego

to take me to the mall to pick up my black tuxedo

no words, the straight face, today's no joke

I stopped at a liquor store in the 4 to buy me a pair of loc's

I wipe my tears up until my face was all cleared up

we bunches out to the house to get geared up

across the bed I laid, prayed, grieved within

I cried again at the thought my homie died in sin

tryin to claim the hood, straight puttin in work, getting played like spades

and it makes my heart hurt cuz my homeis won't change

and to make matters worse, every other month

I'm visitin the pen or followin a hearse

escorted to a funeral, gang stereotype

cadillacs and folds rolls deep to a burial site

Solo be tryin not to cry, but my eyes give my face a shower

I looks to God to give me strength and power as I drop the flowers on the casket

as I pass it by and wonders why

and tell how many more homies got to die

before they realize that life is quicker than the eyes

and famin your rep by claimin your set will only lead to lost lives

but oh, Mr. Solo knows another way

and out of respect they sit and listen to every word that big homie Solo got to say

and when I speak I speaks clearly

but as they walks away they hits me up in the hood, why can't my homies hear me?

why can't the homies hear me?

why can't the homies hear me?

why can't the homies hear me?

why can't the homies hear me? hear me

[Chille Chill]

one more time in your mind its gangsta Chizill

rollin thru your hood in a drop top caddy coupe devizille

The homies at the dope spot tryin to clock deals

packin hot steel, and just like milk they top bills

straight servin all the young gangstas on the curve and

got that cain and urban, even got that sherman drinkin that burban

but they don't know the po-po

got a videotape of their faces and they catchin cases

and the judge is stretchin 'em out like they plastic

I'm seein my homies goin to the pen, catchin years, thats drastic

locked up with unaccomplished dreams and unfullfilled purpose

goin to Hell cuz they wanted to sell, now was it worth it?

I know all about survival, im a ghetto man

but let me tell you where its crackin on the devil's plan

Satan came to kill, destroy, and jack

(what Jesus do?) but Jesus came to give you life on bizack

but still you sell dope to the folk in your community

its time to sit down and have a long talk, loc, just you and me

I breaks 'em off to God when it hurts me dearly

to see my homies hustle and get popped by the cops, why can't the homies hear me?

why can't the homies hear me? listen to me homie, yeah

why can't the homies hear me?

why can't the homies hear me?

why can't the homies hear me?

[Mr. Solo]

uh, my homies be hitting me up like im the same Solo

but no im changed, and no I don't bang no more

dont even trip with me cuz Solo don't owe none of you

I know what Abe was talkin about, my hood was takin me under too

had to go for self, had to get me some help, so now I can help someone else

I found the Truth to pull my homies up off the devil's shelf

I see what you see, do you see what I see

I go to my neighbourhood, the wall is filled with RIPs

I see OGs I looked up to cuz they was loc'ed out

I comes to the hood to find my big homies is smoked out (smackin)

I tell them that the Blood of Christ is able to change your life

they wouldnt listen and they overdosin every night

and my homegirls, no I can't forget about em

I told 'em the brother was a hustler, "you can do without him"

but still she keeps bringin him home, now she's pregnant alone, and now he's gone

Lord please draw near me so my homies can hear me

why can't the homies hear me? tell me why

why can't the homies hear me? oh why?

why can't the homies hear me?

why can't the homies hear me?

why? why? talk to me homie

why? why? I wanna hear what you've got to say

why? why? face to face, G to G, talk to me homie

why? why? God understands what you're goin through

why? why? ive been right there where you are

why? why? open up and let the Love of God shine in your heart

why? why? He wants to set you free, He want to set you free, like He did me

why? why? oh

I'm hurting inside

God knows I don't wanna see you die, oh die, don't die

yeah, yeah

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