Gorillaz - Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach lyrics

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<span class="feat">(feat. Snoop Dogg, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)</span><br>


Gorillaz and the boss Dogg<br />

Planet of the apes<br />

<br />

The revolution will be televised<br />

And the pollution from the ocean<br />

Now with devotion<br />

Push peace and keep it in motion<br />

<br />

Kids, gather around<br />

Yeah, I need your focus<br />

I know it seems like the world is so hopeless<br />

<br />

It's like wonderland<br />

<br />

Now fascinate me<br />

Picture and animate me<br />

'Cause I'm rollin'<br />

Deep holein'<br />

Click clacking<br />

Crack-a-lacking<br />

Full packing<br />

Mo' stacking<br />

Acting a fool when I teach<br />

Welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach<br />

Welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach<br />

<br />

Mirror mirror on the wall<br />

Boss Dawg<br />

Give it to 'em<br />

Get involved<br />

Turn it up<br />

Speed it up<br />

Slow it up<br />

Underground where the under us undercut<br />

Shipped up<br />

Shipped out<br />

Swimmin' with the sharks<br />

Put my gills up<br />

Turn the wheels up<br />

Real tough<br />

Drinkin' lemonade in the shade<br />

Getting blade with a gang of prilgrims<br />

<br />

Yeah, just like that<br />

Belly floppin' lockin' while I'm rockin' in the bubble bath<br />

And I'm just like math<br />

Fozo's added up that get you more cash<br />

So quick, so fast<br />

All the kids say they love it when I make 'em laugh<br />

<br />

Welcome to the world of the Plastic Beach



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