Gorillaz - Rock The House (Phi Life Cypher Version) lyrics

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Ah! Here we go!

Here we go! (Yeah, Here we go!)

Yo yo yo yo,

We rockin the house,

yo we turnin this party out

without a doubt,

you know where start when time is out,

I choose we sharpin these harpoons,

with hyphen-gorilliaz only come in and I choose,

and our shoes we got you movin your pelvis,

got you shakin your hips (somebody) like you is Elvis,

and no mistakin in sound that is on ground,

gorillaz rockin with nemesises straight from the underground

(Yeah, Here we go!) (5X)

How many people ready to rock the house? (4X)

Yo let's move your body, shake your claves and let's have a party,

everybody knows we rockin the house

crazy and your body, the gorillaz always strikin the mic,

twice in your life and rhyme will get your hype so shocked and we'll

wreck the mic, from the fake to the tether, take you to another level,

from rap, hip-hop, punk starts to heavy metal,

plus we ain't takin the pay, with the heat and we be playin we runnin

this game, check it out... Gorillaz is the name!

(Yeah, Here we go!)

How many people ready to rock the house? (4X)

Check it out!

Gorillaz rocking this party with no rehersal, moonin this universe to the universal to these rascals,

rockin this spot and you know we reachin the top, with Russel banging his beats,

you know we ain't takin the stop, throwing guitars, even banging his guitars with jamming

here with the mic with the rest of the gorillaz stars, rockin the house, we be dominating the charts

forcin all of you people to movin part to the departs. (Check it out ya'll)

Rockin the house!

Check it out ya'll.

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