Gorillaz - Revolving Doors lyrics

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Revolving doors, what have I done?

Someone on the TV, tipping low

Revolving doors, what will I become?

And red-neck song

You payed up for a seven

But he got an eight, now

I feel that I'm paused

By all the bills, I seem to run out

On a foggy day (Revolving door)

I sit in a diner, and The Beatles play

I payed up for a seven, but I only got (SOA?) now

I feel I'm paused

By all the bills, I seem to run out here

Revolving doors, stole me on the Eastern sea board

(He got silver on his nose?)

He payed up for three, but got only two

And he said "Seems I was born for this. Seems I was born to this."

Revolving doors

Revolving doors </div>

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