GORILLA ZOE - Real Motherfucka

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Yeah you real motherfucker gangster out on these streets nigga

Gimme your money

Hustle up your money

Ain't takin no short no loss

Don't give give a fuck whatever these niggas say


If yous a real motherfucker (I fuck I fucks with ya)

If you is a hustler (Yeah I fucks with ya)

If you is a ganster my boys'll keep it real yeah (I fucks with ya)

If yous a real motherfucker (I fuck I fucks with ya)

If you is a hustler (Yeah I fucks with ya)

If you is a ganster my boys'll keep it real yeah (I fucks with ya)

OK aye well I'm a take the time for a minute (Time for a minute)

To let ya know what's goin on on the mind of a menace (Mind of a menace)

See I been to known to grind for a minute (Grind for a minute)

Had to hustle for a year to survive in the city (Survive in the city)

That's why I only fuck with a percentage

I'm committed to the street but not made like me (Made like me)

Hey and I don't fuck with y'all rappers cause a lotta y'all lame and a lotta y'all hear me

I'm just another nigga here from the ghetto homie

Tryin to make a livin (Yeah) with my ghetto homies (Yeah)

These pussies ain't real they just a actin like ya they don't have to like ya (Ha ha)

I fuck with the real no matter what ya living like

Keep your mind tight get your mama down for cheerin right

Y'all don't struggle through stay on your hustle

Gotta lose everythng before you bubble

The truth is most nigga don't know

If ya can't open your mind then your soul won't grow (Won't grow)

Ya stay lost same spot ten toes

Ya gotta watch ya friends keep your enemies close

Put my chin to the sky so hard to cry

I'm young and black off statistic white lie

One night grab a mirror we must face our face

So as long as I'm here I'm gonna say what I gotta say

Everyday we getting digits lovin figuers

Bustin niggas trustin niggas

Battle it live you touchin triggers

Never flex about your issues

Keep it pimpin fuck with haters

From a distance

Hit nine times out ten I'm probably fuckin with ya

If you a sucka or a busta

Or if you flexin bout your money

Cheat lyin theif motherfucker I'm probably bustin at ya


My folk G all the time

My folk stay on the grind

I'm used to scratchin niggas back if niggas scratchin mine

See I don't fuck with clowns

Cause if you got it down

But if you fake apprecite that you don't come around

Cause I'm a real nigga I fuck with niggas

Now everybody hollar bout how real recognize real

But the real is that you dick ride faker than three dollar bills

I'm with that white girl watch these faggot suckas squeel

Thought he was a G but ain't slangin like that nigga sell

I'm gonna say this one time then I'm gon be through with this

I ain't never give a damn bout being the best lyricist

Rhyme it just to put words together

You can kill that shit

As long as when I spit it

These real niggas feelin it

This a purple river but I'm still hard as concrete

Just to heat turning lanes brains in the potted meat

I'm a theif still your man (Damn)

If she jockin me (That's right)

Won't like it buy some time

That's just how it's gotta be

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