GORILLA ZOE - Intellect Over Emotion

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It's intellect over emotions nigga

Never emotions over intellect

Pussy you a pussy pussy nigga, you a fuckin punk

Pussy niggas never one on one, pussies like to jump

Pussy niggas never shoot

Pussy you a real pussy nigga you a rootiepoot

My first gun was a

I was 14 son on a whole other level

I was 15 nigga when I first drew down

15 with a pistol to my back laid on the ground

Robbin all robbed too

You were down I rob you

My first shootout I shot a gun like an OG

I'm like a damn fool

Drop a damn tool like

What the fuck I do that for

Scared to go back to the school

Now I'm standing here selling dope.

Trapping on the damn hill

Momma don't know what it is cause I ain't' answered nothin but

Shit I'm bringing money to the crib.

Got ourselves a trap spot

Stashed it at my mommas til my uncle found my stash spot.

Don't screw with my VCR dog I gotta go

Stood there smokin on my reefer

And my uncle smoke the blow

Now I'm trapping at my uncle house

And momma smokin too

Man sometimes when we don't break her off she act a fool.

17, got my first ten grand bought a cadillac

Alpine flip down 12 punchers in the back.

And the system hot

Man you know we took that shit from shawty sleepin

Pussy knew we headed

Fuck it what you wanna do

We can pop a trunk right outside the school

Move to the west side

Fuckin with my nigga

Right there off Westland

Gorilla welcome to the zoo.

That's when shit went really big

Got the word from up the street

Car hit up on high top right there off of baker beat

Baker street to Boldon road

Comin out the Blue Flame my nigga got shot in the chest

Niggas getting killed see they name up on the pottery

Judge given numbers like them niggas playin lottery

And I just wanna live it's the

But part of me is sayin keep playing and they'll slaughter me.

Fuck it, make some music try to get me out the pot

All these pussies out here rappin I'm a kill them off the top

Shit I been through is so sick feel like I crawled up in from hell

Shoot the devil now they pay me for the shit I got to tell

But I will never tell

And I will never sell out

20, 000 seats will be the only thing I sell out

20 thou a pinkie not the trunk we used to sell out

Shout out to the

I sold a couple cds

And sold a million nicks out the bitch please believe me

Soon as I went and signed to the east side tour

Now these boys don't want to see me cause they know that I'm the one

Zero zero zero comma zero zero zero comma zero zero zsro comma

Yeah nigga doing numbers

Talkin boys in the hood

And we ran a whole summer

And that hood nigga shit didn't mean no

Didn't think I would come back a second time

But I dropped that Lost shit and did a whole nother dime.

That club shit is cool,

That show money's fine,

But that

And I still fuck with the trap.

I just didn't show and tell so got a thousand coming back.

Man of the year

But I still got that kush shit coming through the mail.

Yeah, hood nigga to the heart

This a killa that Gorilla

Yeah no hesitation

Dog I don't even think

Lost soul no conscious, pull it, I don't even blink.

Investigate, but I don't even talk.

No evidence, so you gotta let me walk.

Fear nothing nigga I will never run from these god-fearing men


I am one gun shot from being a serial killer

I might not see the next one I'm serial nigga

I don't give a fuck cause I'm rich

Bad bitch I'm a pillar

So when they speak on the Gorilla tell them always remember the bread.

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