GORILLA ZOE - Battle Field

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My Life's A Battle Field

You Can Catch Me On The Front Line

My Life's A Battle Field

On The Grind Ducking One-Time

My Life's A Battle Field

One False Move And You'll Die

I Don't Care How You Feel

You Don't Wanna See Me On The Battle Field

Life At The Zoo (Zoo) Thats The Battle Field

N***As In The Camp Starving

And I Aint Trying To Miss A Meal

Tell Em How You Feel

Mad About A Record Deal

I Was Making Deals Way Before I got A Deal

What It Is

My Partner Just Got Caught Up With Them Pills

Already On The Test They Tryna Give Him 12 Years

You Don't Wanna Talk That Murda Game

We Got Blood On Our Hands Block Boys

I Done Lost A Couple Brothas Mang

You Watchin Movies Thinking You Scarface Or Pablo

Put It On a Cd And Count Your Lil Bar Codes

Get It Real Life Arizona By The Cargo

Battle Field Soldier Im Out Here Till The Box Close

Spark Plugs, Screwdriver Had To Get The Car

10 Bricks In The 76' Skylark

Don't Look Back We're Bein followed by unmarks

Part Hit The Curb Tire Bust In The Rim Spark

Blue Light, No Cops, Hop Out the Hot Box, Cut Cop

You Freeze, Who Me, I Can't Stop

Doowop Shake They A** Up Like Mook Blaylock

Telling Me To Stop

But I Dont Really Wanna Co-Op

I Drop, They Pop, Aiming With Them Red Dots

Folks Catch Me Now They Gonna Spread Me Like A Peacock

Battle Field Tryna Find The Whole Like A Red Fox

Me Against The World Now I'm Feeling Like Tupac

Its World War I Where I'm From That's Why My Mind Gone

World War Ii When I Shoot Get My Grind On

Vietnam War In The Car Glock Nine Home

World War Iii Up In Me Ima Time Bomb

Civil War Im Front Line My Mind Like Sherman

My Gat Like Ulysses Grant Them Bullets Keep Burnin

My Family Get Sick Of Me The Lessons I Aint Learnin

I Give What I Eat And I Eat Cause I Hungry

My 9 Like Land Mine Action Like Columbine

Grab The Tech Virginia Tech All In The Day Time

I Told Ya Its Ova We Fold Ya F**K All Ya

And I Aint So Soldier Im A Prisoner Of War (Edge Hanger)

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