GOMEZ - Wham Bam

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I'm gonna walk<br>I'm gonna walk down to the sea<br>And then I'll swim<br>Then I'll swim until I see you<br>I'm going to a place that winds<br>And I'll climb a mountainside<br>And I'll be there<br>I will be there just in time<br><br>Wham bam!<br>I hope to meet you<br>Wham bam!<br>I hope to meet you, baby<br>Goddamn!<br>I hope to meet you<br>Wham bam!<br>I'd like to thank you, ma'am<br><br>Well, alright<br><br>I'm gonna crawl<br>I'm gonna crawl down on my knees<br>And like a snake<br>I'm gonna slither through the reeds<br>I'll leave a trail<br>Yeah, I'll leave a trail of chimes<br>And if you see me<br>If you seek then you will find<br><br>Wham bam!<br>I'm gonna meet you<br>Wham bam!<br>I'm gonna meet you, baby<br>Goddamn!<br>I'm gonna meet you<br>Wham bam!<br>I'd like to thank you.. ma'am<br><br>Well, alright<br><br>I'm gonna dig<br>I'm gonna dig until I bleed<br>I'll get so deep<br>Get so deep, I'll plant my seed<br>I'm gonna mine<br>I'm gonna mine 'til I'm out of time<br>But when I strike<br>Yeah, I'll strike and then we'll find<br><br>Wham bam!<br>I'm bound to meet you<br>Wham bam!<br>I'm bound to meet you, baby<br>Goddamn!<br>I'm bound to meet you<br>Wham bam!<br>I'd like to thank you, ma'am<br><br>Well, alright<br>Well, alright<br>Well, alright

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