GOMEZ - Rosalita

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Rosalita's crawling round the knees<br>Rest my head, she's calling to me<br>In my dreams she's there for me<br>But open my eyes to see you there<br>I am falling<br><br>Sweetness, since you left me<br>It's been your flag I'm flying<br>But I'm sick of crying<br>Why did you choose to deceive me? <br>Was your plan just to kiss, fuck and leave me? <br>So, considerately, just please talk to me<br>I won't portray myself so pitifully<br>My little conceit, you see<br>Is that I will never need you more than now<br><br>Rosalita's walking out on me<br>Close the door, she's stalling, I see<br>She's so sweet, but not for me<br>But as we sit around and laugh about<br>She's trying to call me<br><br>Darling, though you hurt me<br>It's not from my lack of trying<br>You've got a fear of flying high<br>You have lost your patience<br>I see myself sink in your estimations<br>Forget the salutations<br>Just please study these tears<br>Your bitter words they just confirm my fears<br>Gonna let it fuck up all the years<br>Yet I will not need you more than now<br><br>Beautiful bitch, I could consider this a simple glitch<br>You're just a hopeless stitch in time<br>But then for your crimes<br>Please find yourself a little guilty with these lines<br>Got your conscience on my mind<br>Because I could not need you more<br>Oh, I could not need you more<br>Yeah, I could not need you more than now<br>Could not need you more than now

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