Goldyard - Ill

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You mean that work, I got that pop

Won’t need that guapo so call me guapo

Hustle, would you nigga like ...

Take a wide ...take a ..cuz I might ...

Cuz I migth be like ice cube

Gonna win this fight

You thing this sucker win ....or moon walk on ..

Hang on the bubble wanna be in my ...

You get up on a ride

You need that work I got it

No, I dam it be like I’ve been in a new deep ride it

Woke up and the shitty move ...

Should be running, should be ..

Better say this when I zoo

Fresh up the mood, fresh up the ...

Guess how steps in the room, then dope two a lot to this white and the fast line like ...

Need that work at that work

Niggas work on that, so that will work out

A hundred pound to succes, give me five steps..


Or leave you five steps to work out

Now we got to much to show

Too much to hide

Too much stress on our mind

So just let us to climb

I rather sit back and reclaim

And reclaim a hundred or seven

It’s that how’s a hundred times

In the ..she is burning ..

...and come by ..made for they ...

Next chest then you

Niggas do their heavy crimes and ..

Thinks some lines then you know where to find it nigga

East side up with the West side bluff

Feeling like snoop, way don’t you show me some love

We’re some .and never tell in vain

Change it all that you saying

We can rearange the way you say it

He’s agains world some times

My way ..and try to take lay some times

People in my face like mine

Hate it when it make it shine

Way I am suppose to cut this cut this lines

I lay my own shit

Fuck your mind

Little bitch it’s near and use the ..try to get all the shit like I

Hell raise like awfull

You all say it like ...but maybe I’m the only motherfucker true possible

Royalty from ..everyway you know hat all go

Like’s a model

Don’t help I get ready ..all for rest and get all zone ..

I don’t ket him get me round on

I must doubt the ...

Flyes fuck for a fair role

Make glow hit the bust she get hit the ..

Think at all the way ..cuz the shit are so

Dont’even know

Fuck the deal how do you blow

How do you own, know where they go

I’m a beast don’t know way they try to sell me for

Now I gotta go get it if I can’t have it all

For what the fuck am I living

At the top of the building it’s all...bitch I’m father of this children

Stop and get the invasing and go ya’ll the reason way I wanna be different

Now I gotta get it

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