Goldyard - Die Tonight

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You know we can die tonight

We should do it everyday

Your heart design

Make everyday a Holiday


Don't worry 'bout anything

It's gonna be alright

Yeah, everyday I'm going tougher

I'm doing shouts with my jewels

I'm prowling on a butler

I've been a lethal weapon

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover

The diamond cutter, the dickie cutter

The Gucci huggers love 'em

Man, I'm living like a savage swagger straight mind,

Nigga got my boobies defense, they crying out of line

My money long, I'm making my bitch like wet times

You can't make them classical shit,

You can't deny it, we be sky diving

And we flow on the plane and begin the pilot

And we kamikaze up to a jet-sky to the horizon

You be polite, I'mma be honest,

I want them dollars, you can keep the love,

Hugs and the smiles, that I ain't buying

It's cheap, but the streets is cheap

Seeing me? Leave. I'll woop your ass

Until you're fast asleep

In the world of jealousy,

In the world I see envy

These girls fucking me, to be seen with me


Oh, oh, oh,

You gotta keep, you gotta keep up!

Oh, oh, oh,

You better speed, you better speed up!

A trip on occasion, lick ain't no chasing

Bit by the casing, peel off the tasting

Get it for cheap, burn the release

Damn, she a freak, in it so deep

Figure she know I gotta go

Give her some money, she payed it ...

How does it feel? Feel being real?

Swallow the caps, sniffing the pills

Gotta keep pacing, we keep on racing

Hoping we make it, we finally meet

You be the chief, say what you mean

Can't say I work, sound like it's thrill

And I feel unfortunate for having all that you want

And to my enemies, the haters, all that we want


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