Goldie Lookin Chain

Goldie Lookin Chain - Sexy Ladies

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Aw... look at that, man... she's got white cotton panties on. Have you seen the bird on page 13?

Yeah man, she's a bit dirty, innit...i usually buy fat or pregnant but I couldn't get it this week so i had to settle for this magazine...yeah, whassit ladies! that's alright innit man...yeah..........Fuckin' look at her... Corrr!

This song is for all the sexy ladies

Penelope Keith, Debbie McGee.... Lily Savage (that's a fuckin' man, I told you before!)

Sexy ladies, by the bus stop, with a kid in a pram and a lollipop

Drive past listening to sick hip hop, pull over in the car and i'm into the shop

A bird called Rita, makes me stop, she's a fcuking nurse so she gives me cough and drop

i walk away smiling, it's the start of the day, to all the sexy ladies, I wanna say 'hey'

i love you if you're young of if you're hair's old and grey

word, sexy ladies, come out and play

You know it makes sense to you and me

So get your tits out and let me feel them for free

sexy ladies gets closer to me, i wanna touch you on the vadge tonight

Sexy slags with the fuckin' big tits, with the perfect arses and the shaven slits

All around me trying to get my attention, and I got two ladies maintaining my erection

You gotta get where the dirty birds are, you can go up to yates' or down to zanzibar

sexy ladies everywhere I go, when i'm wrecked up when i'm not smokin' the blow

I sees 'em down the street by the fuckin' bus stop

I sees one of them getting talked to by a cop

'all right love i've been looking at your baps

I wanna touch your tits and put my fingers in your gaps

I gotta say you've got beautiful eyes, now let me put me hands between your thighs

I touch your lips but don't speak, you could be a model or in that band Mis-Teeq'

Sexy ladies gets closer to me, I wanna touch you on the vadge tonight

I wanna touch your tits, I wanna touch your bum

I wanna touch your sister, I'm gonna touch your mum

Sexy ladies, naked in my mind, wiggling their tits, shaking their behind

if you're a dirty bird then i'm gonna pounce

i get closer you wanna do the booty bounce

Pissed up slags walking round with no shoes

they all look so dirty when you're pissed up on booze

Sexy ladies, you wanna make babies? I'm the dog, you're the rabies

the paper to my pen, the ink in my well, like alan titchmarsh and a fuckin' garden trowel

you always wipe my ass when i empty my bowel

when it comes to other women they just throw in the towel

I don't complain, i love you too much, and a fukin' ankle bracelet is a beautiful touch...uuh

chorus -

sexy ladies gets closer to me, i wanna touch you on the fadge tonight

sexy ladies gets closer to me, i wanna touch you on the fadge tonight

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