Goapele - Don't Be Shy lyrics

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It was a sunny day

And he walked my way

Asked me "how u doing?"

- said im doing fine

Infact a little better now

As i walked away, with the faintest heart

I wish I didn't leave, all I did was smile

I could've done a little more

he said, "don't b shy come to me,

don't b shy, its worth your while,

don't let this moment pass u by"

But I know the games that they like to play

this tender little heart, not willing 2 give in or

get caught up when it escalates

What if next time I see him

My feelings can't conceal them

And will he still remember

That warm day in november?

I'll say its been a long time

I wonder if I crossed your mind

Or was I just a girl, not different from the rest?

U can tell me, I'll be brave


Don't b shy come 2 me

Donlt b shy its worth your while

Don't let this moment pass u by

Don't be shy baby please

Don't b shy its worth you while

Don't let it pass u by again

Now weeks have passed, and we went our seperate ways

So me and my girls found something 2 get into,

c what the night would have in store.

And who would b, right in back of me

Easing his way in the crowded line to the crowded little dance floor

He asked me could I feel it?

Asurance did he need it?

And was I obligated?

No babe don't hesitate


I know that he could b

The one to set my soul at ease

So I gave in to see

What I had missed b4


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